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About Six Carpet Cleaning!

Are you in a dilemma with regard to finding the ideal carpet cleaner? We’ve got the right company to do the job for you!

Six Carpet Cleaning has been recognized as a premier carpet cleaner in Ontario for several years. Our team consists of highly competitive and professional cleaners providing quality services to homeowners and business owners.

During our 5 years of being in the business, our services have expanded to provide more assistance to the community. This is part of our main goal of providing a healthier, safer, and cleaner environment for your home or commercial establishment. We also want to keep our clients satisfied and pleased through our consistency, promptness, and professionalism.

We are a full-service company that’s equipped with the right tools and materials for cleaning. We also use the safest and latest cleaning methods such as steam cleaning, which is proven to be safe and efficient.

Our wide range of services caters to commercial and residential clients. We give out straightforward upfront pricing, making it easier for clients to do the necessary planning and budgeting for carpet and mat cleaning services.

Our main services include tile cleaning, mat cleaning, upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning, and carpet cleaning. We also provide residential carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning, floor restoration, pest control, and stain removal services.

Rest assured, our services are well-executed according to industry standards, and we also strive to meet yours. Call us now at 647-493-2151 and let our competent representatives assist you with your carpet cleaning needs.

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