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Trusted Carpet Cleaning Services in Burlington Ontario

Are you planning to have  your carpets cleaned in Burlington, Ontario? Your high-quality carpets may be durable and tough, but they often fray, get dirty, and stained. In the end, the natural wear and tear process always has its way. You need to give your carpets some proper care to retain their beauty, soft feel, and coziness. 


Your carpet needs more than vacuuming to get rid of all the dirt, stains, dander, pests, and mold. 


Our Ontario’s Six Carpet Cleaning Company is your guaranteed service provider of reliable carpet cleaning services in Burlington. 


A Brief History of Burlington, Ontario.


The City of Burlington renowned for its Royal Botanical Gardens, encompasses the large early settlement areas of Wellington Square and Port Nelson. The city is close to Lake Ontario and about 50 kilometers to the Western side of Toronto.


Burlington has a humid continental climate with dry and cold winters and hot and humid summers. The region has been a predominantly agricultural area and it’s known as the Garden of Canada. Burlington is also an industrial production center with pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, motor vehicle, electronics, and packaging industries.


Our Array Of Carpet Cleaning Services


Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning


Your business premises and homes need regular carpet cleaning. These are essential indoor living spaces, which should be clean and odorless. 


Do you lack a vacuum cleaner? Or the professional skills to clean different types of carpets? Worry no more! At Six Carpet Cleaning, we provide expert carpet cleaning by use of specialized carpet cleaning detergents and equipment. 


Carpet Stain Removal


Carpets get all manners of stains from spilt fluids, gels, creams, and many other chemicals. Some of the blemishes left are easy to clean. But some stains require the touch of a pro carpet cleaner. Our skilled team of experts at Six Carpet Cleaning can clean all your unsightly stains before they become a permanent eyesore. 


Mat Cleaning


Your Persian, Azerbaijan, or Oriental rugs on your doorways and bedsides are a treasured part of your decor. Like your carpets, they also need proper cleaning and stain removal. We clean and steam-treat all types of rugs or mats with different kinds of fabrics. 


Upholstery Cleaning


At Six Carpet Cleaning, we have all the necessary equipment and skills to provide dry, foam, steam, and cold water cleaning of all your upholstered decor items and accessories. Our services will leave your upholstery fresh, clean, and free of allergens and pests.


Carpet, Rug, and Upholstery Deodorizing


Your carpets and upholstery may have some unpleasant odor resulting from spills or excessive floor moisture. Our carpet cleaners can use deodorizing agents and refreshing detergents to give your upholstery, carpets, and rugs some fresh smell.


Pest Control


Your carpets, upholstery, and rugs can get pest-infested, especially when your pets have indoor access. Our cleaning experts use special cleaning and pest extermination methods to keep your decor free from pests.


Floor Retouching


Your concrete or wooden floor may experience some wear and tear, which may damage your carpets or rugs. To prevent carpet and rug fraying, we can deep-clean your floor and eliminate rough surfaces that can damage your carpets.


Mattress Cleaning


Our Six Carpet Cleaning crew can deep-clean your mattress and dry it in 24 hours without making it wet. Our mattress cleaning services can eliminate stains, bad odor, dander, fur, and dust mites.

Why Us?


  •   We hire experienced and trained carpet cleaners
  •   We get our experts and handymen certified and insured to reduce your risk
  •   We provide flexible cleaning services, which get designed to suit your schedule
  •   Our team of experts use top-notch equipment and high-quality cleaning agents



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