Drapes and Blinds Cleaning

Nasty stuff may often pile up in blinds and drapes over a long time. This is one reason why it is important to get these cleaned regularly through conventional methods instead of allowing them to accumulate soil, grime, dust, and dirt. Excessive dirt is a hard challenge to beat, especially for homeowners who clean drapes and blinds on their own. More often than not, it could be impossible to restore them to their natural state.

Whether you are a business or homeowner, it is essential to maintain good window treatments. This is the reason why it is highly essential to search for “carpet cleaners near me”. One of these is Six Carpet Cleaning, which provides superb drapery and blinds cleaning services to satisfy both commercial and residential needs.

When looking for a service provider, choose only professional cleaners that have state-of-the-art machines for cleaning fabric. The ideal thing about hiring Six Carpet Cleaning though is the fact that we can dry clean your blinds and drapes within a shorter time frame so that your home would not look empty without any window coverings.

Expert Cleaning for your Drapes and Blinds

Drapery cleaning is one of our signature expertise. The exclusive services of Six Carpet The cleaning process focuses on the removal of soil, odors, pollen, smoke, grime, and dust on draperies. Nevertheless, it ensures that draperies will be brought back to the owner in parallel pleats, with no shrinkage and hems. Our team of professional cleaners will go to your location and re-hang the draperies with ample care.

In handling blinds, they need to be taken down, brought to the shop and cleaned by means of an ultrasonic machine. This machine uses a tank of water, specialized detergents, and high-frequency sound waves to clean. While the detergent is responsible for suspending soils away from the blinds, the sound waves go through hard-to-reach surfaces on the blinds to loosen up soils. Cleaning time may range from three to six minutes, and this depends on the soiling level. When the blinds have been cleaned, they are returned to the owner and hung back up.

At Six Carpet Cleaning, we guarantee that your blinds and draperies will be cleaned thoroughly each time you book on us. In just one day, expect our team to handle taking down, cleaning, and reinstalling of blinds and drapes effectively. Our high-quality and proven cleaning techniques will naturally restore the beauty in your drapes and blinds.

We have same-day service at Six Carpet Cleaning so that you don’t need to wait for several days to clean and reinstall your drapes and blinds. We generally specialize in a wide variety of services such as window treatments of various fabric, Roman shades, cornice boxes, valances, blackout-lined drapes, cotton, synthetic, silk, and blackout drapes. We make sure that your treatment approaches will not shrink your draperies and blinds.

Call us today at 647-493-2151 for a free estimate. We provide competitive rates in Ontario and GTA so everyone can take advantage of our professional drape and blind cleaning, residential cleaning, mattress cleaning or stubborn carpet stains as soon as the need arises.

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