Determining how often you need professional carpet cleaning is dependent on many factors. However, the key factors that determine how often you’ll need to sanitize your carpets include foot traffic,  number of kids, and pets in your home

If you vacuum your carpets frequently, that’s a great habit. However, vacuuming is not the only task you need to perform if you want to keep your rug clean and refreshed. Many experts will advise you to get your carpet cleaned professionally at least once every year. However, that does not mean you should stick to the one-year professional cleaning routine. There are other factors you should use to determine how often your carpets need to be cleaned by experts. So, how often should you have your carpet cleaned?

1. Consider the foot traffic in your home

The more people you have living in your home,  the more dirt your carpet has to endure. If you have placed a rug at the entrance door of your home, expect it to attract dirt, stains, and grime pretty quickly. As such, it is vital to make sure your carpet gets cleaned professionally at least once every month. 

If you have people living in your home, then you must opt for professional carpet cleaning at least twice every year. However, this will depend on whether you have kids in your home. Children tend to make the carpets dirtier. As such,  it is necessary to obtain professional cleaning once or twice in four months.

2. Depends on the number  furry pets in your Home

If you have cats or dogs living inside your house, it is vital to get your carpets cleaned professionally every four months. More frequent professional cleaning is commendable since furry pets tend to shed danger and fur on your carpet. 

Even if you vacuum your carpet several times a week, dirt and bacteria from furry pets can damage your carpet fibers. Though vacuuming can lower the frequency  at which you hire a professional carpet cleaner, you still need the services, especially for deep carpet cleaning

3. Depends on your carpet Warranty

Are your carpets still under warranty? In case they are, check the terms and conditions on the warranty papers which you’re supposed to follow. Most carpet manufacturers will always indicate the items that should be cleaned at least once every year. If you refuse to follow the terms stated on the warranty papers. It may be hard for you to be compensated or claim your warranty when your carpet is damaged.

The Bottom Line

It is always great to have a clean and fresh carpet. A clean carpet will not only enhance the beauty of your home but also protect you from contracting deadly diseases. Look for an expert cleaning service today that will help you create an appropriate rug cleaning schedule to keep your home clean, fresh, and healthy.