Are you planning to have your carpet cleaned by a professional company? If you’ve already decided to hire a cleaning company, you must start preparing your home for the visit. Preparing your home before cleaning technicians arrive can help save time, avoid accidents as well as theft.  Here are five tips to help you prepare your home before professional carpet cleaners arrive.


Declutter your home


A professional carpet service is likely to arrive in your home with high-grade equipment to clean your house. In most cases, you’ll have to deal with machines with long and heavy hoses in your home, so there’s a need to have enough space. This essentially means you should move any stuff on your floor, be it boots, toys, socks, dog bones, etc. Even though most professional services don’t require you to vacuum clean before they start work. It’s a good idea to remove all the visible dirt before they carry out deep cleaning.

Relocate furniture

Relocating furniture before the pros arrive is highly recommended. Most carpet cleaning technicians are not licensed to move furniture as their only job is to clean your carpets. As a result,  it is your duty to ensure all the furniture that could block their way around the home is relocated. You can start moving light furniture such as a coffee table, plant stands, and floor lamps, etc. Before targeting moderate to heavy furniture.

Protect Your Walls

The act of pulling hoses throughout the entire house can damage your wall. Most equipment is heavy and has a long cord; you want to protect your walls against friction and running by applying a painter’s tap on your walls. Painter’s tape will not destroy your wall or leave any marks after the pros leave your home.

Protect your valuables

To prevent theft or damage of property, ensure that you lock up all your jewelry and portable electronics. Most professionals are honest and will assist you in putting your valuables in a safe place. But you should never gamble with your valuables when welcoming strangers to your home.

Keep your pets safe

Keeping your pets safe before the pros arrive is essential. Whether you have dogs, cats, or birds, the loud noise from the machine is likely to scare them. And considering that most companies use truck-mounted cleaning means, you should leave all the doors open so that your pets can escape if scared.

Carpet cleaning professionals are what you need to keep your carpet clean, healthy, and in good condition. However, you must create an enabling environment for them to work efficiently, and this means moving furniture, decluttering your home, securing pets as well as property. In a nutshell,  create an environment where cleaning technicians can work without any distractions. If you do so, you’ll likely have your carpet cleaned fast, efficiently, and adequately.