Pet Urine & Pet Stain Removal

No matter how much you love your pets and fur babies, there are cases when they’ll unleash their naughty side at the most unlikely of places. Minor accidents can happen on carpets and this may cause your newly-purchased home décor soiled and you might feel frustrated over it.

Although there are numerous guides and resources available online that aim to remove pet urine and pet stain removal, it is cumbersome and time-consuming. In order for your carpet to regain its freshness, adequate sanitation, and cleanliness, you’ll need to log in and search for “carpet cleaners near me”. If you are in Ontario and in need of urgent service, you can most definitely count on Six Carpet Cleaning.

Our company is a professional service provider that guarantees a team of professionals that are qualified, highly-skilled and knowledgeable to help you get rid of stubborn and smelly pet urine and pet stains in your home, eliminating them once and for all, rather than just hiding it under the covers.

Interested to know how we remove pet urine and pet stains? We follow a three-step process that assures you an odour-free and hygienic carpet once it’s done.

Toronto’s Pet Stain and Odor Removal Company

Pre-Spray, Hot Water Extraction and Post-Treatment


To prepare the carpet for the remaining steps of the process, we apply a pre-spray formula to the area of the stain. This will act as a neutralizer for the odour and the foreign elements that stick to the carpet’s material. Next, we utilize a piece of equipment that will perform steam cleaning and rinsing to the stain. Because we believe that most pet urine and pet stains have residual dirt and order left, a follow-up treatment is commenced.

Masking Pet Stains and Odors Won’t Help


Some unsatisfied customers would say that there are other carpet cleaners that only commit to basic cleaning and deodorizing. However, this is not enough. You’re only spending for an unnecessary expense that will only mask the scent and the stain for an instant solution.

Trusting Six Carpet Cleaning as your carpet cleaning provider doesn’t only make your cleaning woes disappear, you’ll get 100% satisfaction as well. We offer a variety of services (apart from pet urine and pet stain removal) that other carpet cleaners can’t provide. What’s more, we customize our services to suit the needs of our clients, offering the most effective solutions based on your budget.

Your carpet isn’t just a piece of floor décor


Your carpet is not just for covering floors. Most of the time, your kids, friends and family members comfortably sit on it while watching TV and other leisure activities. However, if your carpet has urine or stains on it, you and other family members are at risk of health-threatening situations. So don’t compromise your family’s health! Don’t choose a random carpet cleaner near you to get the job done. Choose only Six Carpet Cleaning!

For more details and inquiries about our valuable services in Ontario and GTA, contact us at 647-493-2151 and our friendly representatives would be happy to assist you.


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